User Get in application

The app will be mainly responsible for managing the service details of the Customer representatives according to the previously scheduled appointments by the customers. It will be a white level product with the highest access privilege of the Super Admin.
The web application will allow the accesses from three types of users.
a) Customer Service Representatives
b) System Admin
c) Supervisor/ Super Admin
a) Customer Service Representatives: This type of users will have the privilege to get access to the scheduled appointments according to the booking time and service type. Every user will have a specific set of credentials provided by the admin but after login, they will be able to see the same booking chart. The chart will contain all the information related to customer details, service details, booking details etc.

b) System Admin: The system admin will be responsible for creating and managing the customer service representative profile. After that, the system admin will forward the credentials manually to the respective users. The system admin will also be able to monitor the status of all the services, bookings, associated representatives, service duration etc. The customers will book the appointments manually and the system admin will be responsible for adding them from the backend according to the services and the scheduled time.

c) Super Admin: Super admin will have the highest access privilege over all of the user types. Super admin will provide the app to the system admins with separate logo and app name. The super admin will be able to generate the app traffic report. The system admin can also make the status of the system admin as active / inactive.


Login Info

Super Admin
username : admin
password : admin@123

System Admin
username : suvo
password : suvo@123

Customer Service Representative
username : ram
password : ram@123

Technology: PHP Laravel framework, MySQL.